How to Copy and Paste Multiple ItemsBeing able to copy and paste more than one thing at a time should be a standard feature on all computers.If you’ve ever wondered how to copy and paste more than one thing at a time then your search is now over. By utilising the powerful features of this super lightweight utility program you will easily be able to paste multiple items without having to go back and recopy again. It doesn’t matter what program, webpage, files or folders your copying from, you’ll be able to easily paste in multiple different items such as text, files or folders, into any webpage or program you desire without having to recopy the items separately again.

Multi Copy and Paste Anything

Multi Copy Paste ClipboardA truly amazing program which will pay for itself within the first two days of use!For instance, let’s say that you’re in an email and you want to copy 2 of the pictures, an email address, a phone number, and a separate account number. This program makes doing this breeze and you’ll never even know it’s working.  You simply perform the task as per usual by highlighting the required text or picture and then pressing CTRL+C for copy. The difference is that you can do this as many times as you want and you won’t lose what you have previously copied. Pure genius!

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Shortcut Keys to Copy and Paste

Shortcut Key for Copy and PasteIf you can’t paste one thing after another from your clipboard then your working the old fashion way.After you’ve finished copying the text, pictures, files or folders that you want you can then simply paste them in one after another using shortcut keys that you can predefine to your liking. Let’s say you wanted to paste the last 5 things that you have copied. All you’d have to do is press ‘Alt +1’ to paste the first item in, and then press ‘Alt +2’to paste the 2nd last thing that you copied, and then press ‘Alt +3’ to paste the 3rd last thing that you copied etc.

Find Previously Copied Clipboard Items

How to Find Previously Copied Clipboard ItemsNot being able to easily find what you previously copied 5 minutes ago is very frustrating. This fantastic program totally alleviates this problem.After the 9th item a small pop-up window can be displayed so you can easily select the item you wish to paste. You can also display this pop-up window at any time by simply pressing ‘Win+V’ and it will show you all of your previously copied items. It gives you the ability to copy and paste more than one thing at a time and can save you loads of time. Now you can finally paste one thing after another without having to recopy again. If you’re not working like this then you’re wasting a lot of time.

Paste Things That You Copied Earlier

Find Previously Copied Clipboard ItemsIncrease the speed of your workflow and stop wasting time recopying things that you already had on your clipboard much earlier.All previously copied items have handy little icons next to each item so you can easily tell which program or webpage it was copied from. This can make things very easy if you’re searching for something that you copied a few hours ago while you are working in Microsoft Word. You easily be able to see what you copied from Word because the copied item will have the Microsoft Word icon right next to it. This makes old copies very easy to find. The program also has great security features which allow for user profiles so previously copied items cannot be accessed unless the user profile is unlocked.