Copy Paste Software Support IconAs software developers we know that great software is worth nothing without great customer support behind it. We also know that people think differently and although this software is extremely easy to use and master we understand that a few users might require a small helping hand along the way. If you ever become stuck or have a question about ‘Copy Paste Software’ then you can simply use one of the methods below to get help fast.

Instant Online Support

Copy Paste Software Online Support IconYou’ll notice in the bottom right hand corner of this website that there is a small live support icon. You can simply type your question into this live online customer support interface and one of our friendly staff will respond to your enquiry immediately. If our support staff are online then your question will be answered instantly. If our support staff time zones do not match your time zones then you can simply leave a message inside of the interface and our support staff will respond as soon as possible.

Support Ticket System

Copy Paste Software Online Support Ticket IconBy navigating to our support ticket system page you can create a support ticket and we will respond to your support ticket within the hour. The support ticketing system is a great way to keep track of your correspondence with our support team. We recommend that you use this system in the rare case that you encounter issues with the software that do not require immediate attention. All support tickets created are automatically classed as high priority and we consistently endeavor to rectify and complete support ticket requests as fast as possible.

Premium Phone Support

Copy Paste Software Phone Support IconIf you’d like a little bit more of a personal touch then you can utilise our premium phone support services. You can call us on Skype for right now by simply clicking on this link: Call Copy Paste Software. If our support team is online we will answer your call immediately and resolve any unforeseen issues you may be experiencing. Alternatively, you can call our support staff on this number (+61433050426) and we will respond to your enquiry immediately during business hours +10 GMT.