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Truly Amazing Piece of Software


Like many, I have suffered the time sapping delays of copying and pasting one thing at a time. After a little research I found this software and have been a massive fan of it ever since. It’s extremely light on my pc’s resources and it’s ability to paste previously copied items with simple hot keys is pure genius.

by Richard Brus

Web Science

Web Designers reap massive benefits from this software

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Should Be Standard On All Computers


If you still copying and pasting one thing at the time after watching this then you must love doing extra work. I’d say that I use the features of this program at least 50 times a day. Get your hands on a copy of this software as it’s worth about 10 times the asking price…

by Gregory Zepeda


This software saves you time & makes you money

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I Don’t Have To Go Back & Re-Copy


Pasting some text that I copied a few hours ago onto a page is now easy as I never lose what I have copied.  I didn’t even realize that the ‘Copy Paste Software’ was available. Well done guys on producing a very useful piece of software.

by Barbara Copley

Scissor Trix

This software saves you time when your surfing the net


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I Can Paste Anything I Copied Earlier


To this day I still can’t believe that I used to copy and paste one thing at a time and I always found myself having to do this. Now I can get instant access to any picture or file or piece of text that I had previously copied and paste that information anywhere I need to.

by Colin Gaffney

Jab Solutions

This is a really handy program for trades people too 

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